We have recently produced this pair of high strength drive shafts for use in a Marine Bow Thruster

High Strength Duplex Stainless Drive Shafts

We have recently produced this pair of high strength drive shafts that will drive the gearbox of a Marine Bow Thruster to be used on a large Yacht.  The Input Shafts are driven through the Splined coupling and drive a Spiral Bevel gearbox arrangement, housed in a pod which is below the sea level.  The gearbox output shaft is the propeller shaft that drives a four bladed propeller of 800mm diameter.  Rovic have also made the Propeller Shafts along with other critical components of the Gearbox.  The completed unit has an output power of 338 horsepower  (252kW) which will generate the considerable thrust required to manoeuvre the Yacht.


Duplex Stainless Steel Shafts

Marine Drive Shafts are typically produced in grade 316 (1.4404) Stainless Steels which offer good strength and excellent resistance to sea water corrosion.  Where additional strength is necessary the next material of choice will usually be a Duplex Stainless.  In these materials both the Austenitic and Ferritic phases of the metal exist resulting in a steel that exhibits some properties of both types.  The grade ASTM Grade S31803 used in this case has superb corrosion resistance and proof stress of at least 450MPa  with an Ultimate Strength of 620MPa.  This makes the Duplex material approximately twice as strong as the standard grades of 316 material.


Case Studies
High Strength Marine Drive Shafts

High Strength Marine Drive Shafts made in 31803 Duplex Stainless Steel

Pipe Flange Adaptors for Cruise Ship

Pipe flange adaptors to reduce pipe from DN200 to DN150 to be used on Cruise Ship

Rear Clamp HOusing
Refurbished Rear Clamp Housing

Rear Clamp Body and Piston have been refurbished in order to restore optimum operational performance