Rovic Refurbishes a Rear Clamp Housing for use in Aluminium Extrusion Plant

Rear Clamp HOusing

Refurbished Rear Clamp Body

Rovic has recently refurbished a Rear Clamp Body for use in an Aluminium Extrusion plant.  The Body and also the Piston that operates within it have come back to us for refurbishment in order to restore the original performance of the equipment.  The Body is in effect a hydraulic cylinder and the Piston operates within it.  The Cylinder has a diameter of 500mm and the bore was scored on its surface.  The damaged area has been machined out and then a hard coating of Chromium Oxide has been applied and then ground back to the finished diameter.  The Piston has also been improved by incorporating a Slyd ring to prevent metallic contact between the Piston and the Cylinder.  Finally the Rear Clamp Body has been re-painted in our own paint shop Custom Coatings.


Rear Clamp Body and Piston

The Rear Clamp is part of a machine that extrudes Aluminium bar for the production of electrical conductors.  The Rear Clamp pushes the Extrusion Shoe up to the Extrusion Wheel and then the Top Clamp comes down to hold the Shoe securely in position for the extrusion process to commence.  Within the shoe a die is held which will form the Aluminium to the precise shape and dimensions required in the finished product.


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Rear Clamp HOusing
Refurbished Rear Clamp Housing

Rear Clamp Body and Piston have been refurbished in order to restore optimum operational performance