CNC Milling

Rovic provides a CNC Milling capability for the production of small to medium batches of components that require milling operations. These machines provide a fast and efficient way of producing flats, bores, drilled holes, tapped holes, counter-bores, spot-faces and other features. The CNC mills can be programmed to produce unique single geometry such as an “O” Ring groove in a gearbox casing.

At Rovic Engineering our machines are supplied by XYZ machine tools.  These machines offer a high degree of versatility and are adaptable to many different machining requirements.  This type of machine compliments our core business area which is the supply of one-off, small batch or prototype components.  These adaptable milling machines are also used for the milling of Thread Forms where the the diameters are to large for a conventional tap to be used.  Engraving is also possible with the use of suitable tools for the material being processed.

Case Studies
High Strength Marine Drive Shafts

High Strength Marine Drive Shafts made in 31803 Duplex Stainless Steel

Pipe Flange Adaptors for Cruise Ship

Pipe flange adaptors to reduce pipe from DN200 to DN150 to be used on Cruise Ship

Rear Clamp HOusing
Refurbished Rear Clamp Housing

Rear Clamp Body and Piston have been refurbished in order to restore optimum operational performance