Rovic has three manual Milling machines providing  us a milling capability for components up to 1800mm x 800mm x 600mm. Other dimensions may be accommodated dependant on the nature and shape of the component. Our staff have a vast experience of manual milling and can produce features including flats, bores, drilled holes, tapped holes, counter-bores, spot-faces and others.

Even though the majority of our milling work is now produced on CNC machines, the manual machines sometimes offer level of flexibility that is fast and convenient to use.  Occasionally drilling small holes into hard or tough materials can benefit from the feedback given by the “feel” of the manual quill feed.

Case Studies
High Strength Marine Drive Shafts

High Strength Marine Drive Shafts made in 31803 Duplex Stainless Steel

Pipe Flange Adaptors for Cruise Ship

Pipe flange adaptors to reduce pipe from DN200 to DN150 to be used on Cruise Ship

Rear Clamp HOusing
Refurbished Rear Clamp Housing

Rear Clamp Body and Piston have been refurbished in order to restore optimum operational performance