Few if any companies can now provide a complete engineering service under one roof. To this end Rovic has formed key alliances with many providers of specialist services. Rovic will co-ordinate and plan the movement of materials though these specialist processes as required.

These services include but are not restricted to the following:

Heat Treatments Welding Coating Grinding Plating Surface Treatments
Stress relieve Laser profiling Shot blast Cylindrical Chrome Anti corrosion
Normalise Water jet cutting Grit blast Surface Zinc Hardness
Harden Plasma cut Paint Polishing Cadmium PTFE
Temper Flame cutting Powder coat Linishing Tin Arcor
Case Harden MMA Anti-rust Centreless Anodising Fatigue
Flame Harden TIG Stove Enamel Honing Colouring Scuffing
Carburise MIG Epoxy CNC Passivation Seizure
Nitriding Brazing Polyurethane Lumsden Nickel Metal Spray
Annealing Soldering Fillers Blanchard Polishing Carbide Coat
Case Studies
High Strength Marine Drive Shafts

High Strength Marine Drive Shafts made in 31803 Duplex Stainless Steel

Pipe Flange Adaptors for Cruise Ship

Pipe flange adaptors to reduce pipe from DN200 to DN150 to be used on Cruise Ship

Rear Clamp HOusing
Refurbished Rear Clamp Housing

Rear Clamp Body and Piston have been refurbished in order to restore optimum operational performance